The simple pleasures of Alcohol and caffeine.


Adding a little alcohol to your favorite fresh-brewed coffee is a great way to give it an extra kick. You can follow tradition and mix up an Irish coffee with whiskey or get decadent and add liqueurs like amaretto, butterscotch schnapps, or Irish cream.

Coffee cocktails are flavorful, a pleasure to sip, and, quite often, incredibly easy to mix up.

A Great Cocktail Begins With Great Coffee

While it's perfectly acceptable to make any of these coffee cocktails with the same cup you brew to get going in the morning, consider upgrading your coffee to create the best cocktails. There's no need to become a coffee snob, but a few improvements can make the difference between a decent drink and a spectacular one.

Think about the beans. Pick up a specialty roasted coffee bean at the local café or splurge for one at a specialty shop. Whole beans that are freshly ground for each cup or pot will produce a more flavorful coffee.

Skip the drip. Drip coffee machines are convenient, but you can get a richer cup of coffee with other brewing methods and have a more flavorful cocktail. Save the drip machine for your morning routine if you like, but think about a small investment in a drip cone, French press, AeroPress, or moka pot to create the brews for your cocktails. The difference is amazing.

Alcohol won't make up for bad coffee. Try not to get in the habit of thinking that anything you add to your coffee will mask its less desirable aspects. Many times it will actually accentuate the impurities. Alcohol is not a cure-all for improving coffee; you need a good cup to begin with.